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                            CNC bending machine and CNC folding machine what is the difference?

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                            First, briefly summarize the main characteristics of the two:CNC bending machine: the upper and lower die are respectively fixed on the upper and lower worktables of the bending machine. The relative motion of the hydraulic driven worktable is combined with the shape of the upper and lower die to realize the bending forming of the plate. CNC folding machine: the motor drives the upper slider to press the plate, and the folding beam rotates from bottom to top, thus driving the plate to be bent and formed.
                              CNC bending machine and CNC folding machine in sheet metal forming, from the following six aspects of the characteristics of the comparison:

                             (1) different forming principles

                              Bending machine -- bending Angle is controlled by controlling the amount of upper and lower pressure. When bending, the short side is included. Operators need to lift most of the materials on the outside. Edge folding machine - after the plate is placed flat on the work table, the edge holder is pressed down to fix the plate, and the edge holder is flipped up and down to achieve the edge folding. In all the edge folding processes of an edge, manual positioning and auxiliary turning and positioning work are no longer needed.
                             (2)The bending accuracy is different
                              Bending machine -- the dimensional accuracy of the control is the short side dimensional accuracy of the positioning of the rear stop. After the completion of bending, the final error accumulates to the inner space size. At the same time, because the bending Angle is controlled by the pressing amount of the upper die, the Angle is related to the thickness of the material. Folding machine -- the size precision of the control is after the first folding is finished, the first edge is taken as the positioning benchmark, and the final control size is exactly the inner space size required by the customer. At the same time, the bending Angle is directly controlled by the flanging Angle, which has nothing to do with the thickness of the material.

                             (3) material surface damage problem

                              Bending machine - when working, the material will generate relative movement in the lower die, leaving indentation without surface protection.When bending large workpiece, need to turn over and move many times, the process will inevitably produce scratches. Crimping machine - when working, the crimping beam cutter and the crimping beam cutter do not move relative to the material, thus completely avoiding surface damage.Large workpiece in bending, because the plate is flat processing, at the same time a positioning can be completed on one side of the workpiece all processing, completely avoid surface damage.

                             ?、?/strong>The skill level of workers is different

                              Bending machine - bending workers of a relatively higher level of technical requirements. Folding machine -- programming can be realized intuitively by drawing with fingers or offline programming can be realized by engineers using software and importing processing program with USB or network connection. After programming, the main work of workers becomes simple loading and unloading work without skilled bending workers.

                              Cutting tools configuration

                              Bending machine - different thickness, shape of the product, need different up and down mold, in the realization of some special bending (such as arc) requirements, need to change the tool or transfer to another machine tool to achieve, increase the transfer of semi-finished products and temporary storage work. Folding machine - through the configuration of rotatable beading beam, while installing two sets of beading beam tools, to achieve the simi complete all bending procedures, for arc bending or other special bending requirements, basic need not change the tool, just in the program to make changes can be completely achieved.

                              The knives' service life

                              Bending machine - because of the relative movement of the workpiece in the die, the tool will wear, maintenance or replacement. Flanging machine - basically avoids the relative motion between the material and the cutting tool.

                              Drive system

                              Bending machine - hydraulic drive, bring more maintenance work and easy to be affected by environmental factors. Flanging machine -- adopts all-electric drive design, reduces the maintenance workload and is independent of the use environment, so as to achieve higher bending accuracy.

                              Disadvantages of the hemming machine

                              1) due to different bending principles, R Angle of the edge bender is larger than that of the bending machine;
                              2) limited by the supporting table, the workpiece that flips down on both sides cannot be processed;
                              3) the workpiece size is limited by the pressing area of the upper mold, and the workpiece smaller than the size of the pressing area cannot be processed;
                              4) the efficiency is not as high as the bending machine;
                              5) due to the structural characteristics and mold diversity of the bending machine, some complex shapes can be simple to achieve through the bending machine, relatively speaking, the   flexibility of the folding machine is poor;
                              6) folding machine is widely used in Europe and the United States, we are affected by the traditional Japanese processing concept, the general use of bending processing, no better use of folding machine.

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